Micro-organisme novateur

Intellectual property

At Amoéba, we pay particular attention to the management of our Intellectual Property. The protection of our know-how is based on both industrial secrecy and patent registration.


To date, Amoéba holds an exclusive license to use the following patent, granted by the University Claude Bernard Lyon I: Biological control process against the proliferation of Legionella pneumophila.


This patent applies mainly to the control of this pathogen in industrial cooling water and hot sanitary water.

Numerous patents filed

In addition to this exclusive license, four families of patents are held by Amoéba :

  • Patent : Biological control process against the proliferation of Listeria, a germ strongly involved in food infections. This patent concerns the water used to clean equipment and materials in contact with foodstuffs.


  • Patent : Biological control process against the proliferation of Pseudomonas, the first germ responsible for nosocomial infections in healthcare institutions. The patent applies to the Sanitary Hot Water (DHW) market segment.


  • Patent : Biological control method against Naegleria fowleri, a highly pathogenic amoeba living in fresh water and cooling tower water, particularly in nuclear power plants.


  • Patent : Therapeutic or non-therapeutic use of Willaertia magna C2c Maky as a fungistatic and/or fungicide, for the control of pathogenic fungi in plants and humans.