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#Amoéba annonce l’annulation de l’émission de la 8° tranche optionnelle d’OCA et la signature d’un contrat avec Redbridge Debt and Treasury Advisory afin d’adapter sa stratégie financière aux enjeux de transformation industrielle

📣 Communiqué de presse :
#Amoéba confirme son éligibilité au dispositif PEA-PME. Les #actions AMOEBA peuvent donc être intégrées dans les portefeuilles PEA PME, dédiés aux #investissements dans les #PME et #ETI selon les critères réglementaires.

🎥 @Fabrice Plasson, PDG d’#Amoéba, revient sur cette année exceptionnelle dans une vidéo dédiée au #bilan 2022 et aux #perspectives 2023. AMM, nouvelle usine, stratégie, plan de financement, tant de sujets abordés sur la chaîne #YouTube d’#Amoéba :

Signature of a non-exclusive development and marketing agreement

Amoéba announces the signature of a Term Sheet with STÄHLER SUISSE SA, for the development and marketing of its biocontrol product against vine downy mildew in Switzerland. 

This signature, with a highly recognized local player in the crop protection market, follows on from the partnership announced in March 2020 to evaluate the performance of the biocontrol fungicide containing AMOEBA’s active substance: the amoeba lysate Willaertia magna C2c Maky. 

The aim of the Term Sheet is to define the terms of the collaboration between the two companies before and after the marketing of the product on the Swiss territory with a view to signing a commercial partnership contract within 12 months. 

Amoéba will carry out the regulatory tests necessary for the registration of its product and STÄHLER will define, through additional field trials, the marketing and commercial positioning of the product. 

Amoéba has made a non-exclusive commitment with STÄHLER concerning the vine application over a marketing period of several years in Switzerland, where vine downy mildew is an important market and the search for sustainable treatment solutions a strong objective for all Swiss agriculture. 

Vine downy mildew is one of the main diseases in the Swiss vineyard. Its control today requires repeated applications of phytosanitary products. AMOEBA’s biocontrol product was tested for the first time by Stähler Suisse SA in 2020 in 2 trials. The results were very encouraging and it has been decided to continue the testing and development work. The product could become an important tool for the move towards a more ecological viticulture“, explains Simon Gasser, Head of Development and Certification at STÄHLER SUISSE SA. 

As the Swiss vineyard offers a wide variety of grape varieties, the choice of STÄHLER as a partner was a natural one. As a leading player in its domestic market, specialising in particular in crops such as vines, arboriculture and market gardening, the company is already heavily involved in the development and marketing of biocontrol solutions. Our common goal is to provide local winegrowers with an effective solution for vine protection without impacting the environment “comments Fabrice PLASSON, Chairman and CEO of Amoéba.