Research partnership with the US group GOWAN COMPANY

Amoéba announces the signature of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) with GOWAN COMPANY, a leading supplier of agricultural inputs (crop protection products, seeds and fertilizers) in the USA. 

The purpose of the research partnership is the provision by Amoéba of experimental products containing the amoeba lysate Willaertia magna C2c Maky. In return, GOWAN COMPANY will carry out its own field trials to evaluate the performance of these products in preventing fungal diseases on a range of crops in the US market. 

Amoéba and GOWAN COMPANY are thus embarking on a targeted research phase, which, if successful, could promote the commercial development of Amoéba biocontrol solutions in the USA 

“This research partnership with a US company generating more than $500M in revenue materializes the first step in market engagement of Amoéba biocontrol products. It’s perfectly aligned with the current assessment of our biocontrol dossier by the US authorities”, explains Jean-Luc Souche – Amoéba Biocontrol Business Developer.