Amoéba announces its collaboration with Nissan Chemical Corporation

Amoéba announces its collaboration with Nissan Chemical Corporation for the biocontrol application. 

Lyon (France), March 31st, 2023– 08h30 – AMOÉBA (FR0011051598 – ALMIB) an industrial biotech in pre-commercialization* specialized in the treatment of microbiological risk, developing a biocontrol agent for the treatment of plants in agriculture and a biological biocide for the treatment of industrial water, announces that, in the framework of a Material Transfer Agreement, Nissan Chemical Corporation has started a performance evaluation study of the mixture of one of its products with an Amoéba biocontrol experimental product. 

The aim of this evaluation is to determine the performance in controlling grapevine downy mildew of the combination of Nissan Leimay® product (suspension concentrate at 200 g/l amisulbrom) and Amoéba AXP12 experimental product (suspension concentrate at 215 g/l lysate of Willaertia magna C2c Maky), 

This extemporaneous mixture was tested in two trials against grapevine downy mildew in Italy, in conditions of high disease pressure. Ten applications at 7-day intervals were made.

The combination Leimay®+ AXP12, tested at a reduced dose of both products, was very efficient on leaves and bunches. It is superior to Leimay® and AXP12 used alone at their full dose, which could allow a reduction in the dose of either or both products. 

Moreover, the performance of this mixture is significantly better than the reference product of the trials, copper hydroxide (at the rate of 200 g active ingredient/ha/treatment).

These results support the continuation of the experiment in 2023.