AMOEBA: Additional information and areas for growth

AMOEBA: Additional information and areas for growth

Chassieu (France), February 15, 2024 – 8:45 am – AMOÉBA (FR0011051598 – ALMIB), an industrial
biotech specialized in the treatment of microbiological risk, developing a biocontrol agent for crop
treatment in agriculture and an anti-aging cosmetic ingredient announces additional information
following a change in governance, and a review of the company’s growth focus.
As part of Amoéba’s reorientation from a research and development company to a commercial and
industrial company, the new management team has established a strategy aimed at prioritising a
range of highly profitable products that can be brought to market as quickly as possible. The aim of
this strategy is to maximise the company’s value as soon as possible for the benefit of all its
The Company is therefore undertaking the following actions:

This market segment is at the heart of the Company’s activities. The regulatory assessment of the
active substance at European level is approaching its final stage, and should be completed in
September 2024. The European Commission will then have six months to formalise the decision to
register the active substance. At the same time, applications for registration of AXPERA NOA and
AXPERA EVA formulated products will be submitted in 8 European countries (France, Italy, Spain,
Greece, Portugal, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands). Marketing authorisations should be
obtained by mid-2025.
At the same time, regulatory submissions for AXPERA NOA and AXPERA EVA will be made in the United
States in 2024, with approval expected in mid-2025.
At the same time as taking these regulatory steps, Amoéba is preparing its distribution strategy in
Europe and the United States. With regard to the targeted crops, the refocusing on high-margin market
segments means that the importance of the vine sector will be put into perspective in the short term,
even though agreements with major brands are still on the table. Greenhouse crops, which are more
profitable, will initially be favoured in terms of resources and sales effort.

As announced in the press release of 16 October 2023, “The cosmetics market is a fast-growing
industry that has been called into question in recent years because of the chemical origin and the
health and environmental impacts of its ingredients. Once incorporated into a cosmetic formulation,
this new cosmetic ingredient, with its many beneficial effects, can provide a multifunctional natural
product.” Initial test results for the cosmetic ingredient on artificial skin have shown excellent results (see press release of 16 October 2023). An initial clinical study conducted by the Institut d’Expertise Clinique and involving 30 volunteers is scheduled to begin at the end of this month and will deliver its results at the start of the second half of 2024.
This relatively recent application is extremely interesting because of its high added value, the speed
and ease with which a high-quality active ingredient can be brought to market, and also because
Amoéba already has the necessary and sufficient production capacity to develop this application
In order to identify other markets, various uses will be tested in 2024, in particular hair treatment (loss
and regrowth) and wound healing.

This activity is no longer considered a strategic focus for Amoéba, given the refusal of its approval by
the European Commission.
However, the biocidal product is approved in the United States for the treatment of water in closed
cooling circuits, and steps are being taken to sell this business there.
With a view to disposal, this asset may also be attractive to water industry operators located in
countries where registration applications have not yet been filed (Asia, Africa).

The postponement of the construction of the Cavaillon plant, whose capacity was not in line with the
commercial developments expected in the short term, has been confirmed, and agreements have been
reached with the companies involved in building the plant in order to minimise the cash-flow impact.
In addition, studies on a targeted investment to increase the capacity of the pilot lines located at the
Company’s head office in Chassieu are nearing completion. The Chassieu manufacturing unit will
ensure sales of products for the Biocontrol and Cosmetics businesses until the end of 2026.

Amoéba’s new strategic direction is supported by its main shareholder, Nice & Green SA (an
investment company based in Switzerland), which continues to support the company by providing
standard bond loans to cover the sums needed for its operations