A new legal structure to maximise commercial activities

Subsidialisation of biocontrol and cosmetics sales activities

Chassieu (France), July 2, 2024 – 8:30am – Amoéba (FR0011051598 – ALMIB), an industrial greentech specialising in the treatment of microbiological risk, announces a major legal reorganisation designed to strengthen the development of its commercial activities in the biocontrol and cosmetics sectors, and to create value for its shareholders.

Following confirmation of the potential of cosmetics in its future development (see Press Release of June 10, 2024), Amoéba is now committed to expanding two distinct commercial activities: biocontrol and cosmetics.

Amoéba’s Board of Directors has approved the creation of a new legal structure, with the aim of improving visibility in each of these markets, providing a dedicated sales force and setting up a long-term organisation tailored to the specific challenges. This reorganisation will include :

  • The listed operating parent company, based in Chassieu (Amoéba). This existing entity will bring together all R&D and production activities, thereby driving Amoéba’s technological platform. It will hold the patents and provide support activities.
  • Two commercial operating companies specialised by market, owned by the parent company: one dedicated to biocontrol activities and the other to cosmetics.

This new organisation will be implemented in the second half of 2024. “The purpose of this strategic change is to develop industrial, commercial and financial partnerships directly at subsidiary level. By optimising our resources and adapting our structures to the specific features of each market, we are creating the conditions for sustainable growth for the Amoéba Group and its shareholders” explained Jean-François Doucet, Chief Executive Officer of Amoéba.